Greve Berenger

Count de Bayeaux de Senlis.

Far: XXXIV:16445955203 Greve Herbert I av Senlis och Vermandois (850 - ~900)
Mor: XXXIV:16445955204 Beatrice de Morvois

Död: omkring 910

Familj med ?

Poppa de Valois of Normandy (875 - ~925)

This "Berenger" may be related to the following: "Berengar (Berengario = Italian) name of two kings of Italy. Bergengar I died in 924 and was grandson of Louis the Pious, and was Marquis of Friuli, and King of the Lombards 888-889. Holy Roman Emperor 915-924. Defeated by Duke Buy of Spoleto. NOT SURE if "our" Berenger is this man, or related? Berengar II of Italy, his grandson, was King of Lombard 950-961 overcame Hugh of Provence in 945. Overthrown by Otto I in 961. Died a prisoner at Bamberg. Berenger (Berengarius) of Tours (998-1088) was the French ecclesiastic who attacked the dogma of the Catholic Church in 1045, protesting the teaching of transubstantiation and the "real presence." He was condemned for heresy; recanted; and spect his last years as an ascetic, and died in 1088. This line needs more research!

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