Anna Vilhelmina Olivia Beijer

Far: IV:13 Skomakare Nils Magnus Beijer Karlsson (1855 - 1937)
Mor: IV:14 Anna Kristina Larsdotter (1862 - 1898)

Född: 1885-02-10 Arnaborg Hjorted Småland 1)
Död: 1975-08-29 Crocker, Missouri 2)

Familj med Marshall Smith (1892 - 1970)

Vigsel: 1924-10-08 Council Bluffs, Iowa

October 9, 1997...wrote to:
State Historical Society of MO
1020 Lowry Street
Columbia, MO 65201

for copies of both Marshal and Anna's obituaries
Received both obituaries

Marshall and Anna had no children

At the death of Anna their estate was left to a neighbor who had
cared for Anna since Marshall's death

Stories are that Anna was married several times but this has not been

Story goes that Anna traveled with Karin when she immigrated....there is
an Annie Olson on the passenger list but does not show they traveled together

Story goes Anna had booked passage on the Titanic but decided to wait and
travel with Karin a few months later.

Den 10 april 1912, klockan 12.15, började Titanic sin resa, men inte Anna och Karin och tur var det.

1-20-98..wrote to Lars Brathe for immigration information

Detta kan vara Annas resa
Name: WF Anna VI Helmina Beijer
Birth: abt 1892 - Sweden
Departure: Gothenburg
Arrival: 17 Oct 1923 - New York, New York

 1) Hjorted C:8
 2) Karen

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