Karin Elisabeth Beijer

Far: IV:13 Skomakare Nils Magnus Beijer Karlsson (1855 - 1937)
Mor: IV:14 Anna Kristina Larsdotter (1862 - 1898)

Född: 1894-11-03 Solstad Misterhult Småland 1)
Död: 1968-06-28 Oakland Nebraska

Familj med Axel Emil Carlson (1886 - 1967)

Vigsel: 1916-05-24 Omaha Nebraska

Marian Elizabeth Carlson (1917 - )
Kenneth Oscar Carlson (1918 - 1954)
Floyd Emil Carlson (1919 - 1995)
Dennis Stanley Carlson (1923 - 1996)
Myron Leroy Carlson (1924 - 2001)
Erwin Walfrid Carlson (1926 - 1991)
Shirley Ann Carlson (1928 - 1986)
Larose Carlson (1932 - 1933)
Carolyn Jean Carlson (1934 - )

Karin Elizabeth Beijer was born in Småland Hjorted Sweden, November
3, 1894 to Nils Magnus and Anna Christina Beijer. She was the seventh
child born, having two sisters and four brothers. Her mother, Anna, died
January 26, 1898, only 9 days after giving birth to a stillborn baby girl.
Anna died on her birthday at age 36. Karin was only 4 years old.

The family lived in the woods in a two room house that Nils built and
named Strömtorpet. Anna's mother and her sister also lived with them.
The house was made of wood, painted red and trimmed in white. It had
a roof made of sod and birch bark. There were also two other buildings
there, one used to make shoes. The landscape is much like Minnesota
with many pine and birch trees and also very rocky with rocks coming
out of the ground.

 1) Misterhult SCB Kalmar

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